Relhax V2 official public beta

It is time. For Relhax V2.

Better. Faster. Another revolution in modpack design.

This is the start of the official Public Beta testing of Relhax V2!

More details will be released soon as a list of improvements.


Not all windows are translated, or translations have not been tested/enabled on specific windows:

English: 96%

German: 88%

Russian: 88%

French: 64%

Polish 36%

Progress bars or installation text in main window may not update occasionally.

It is *highly recommended that you download the application to it’s own folder. If you directly replace the Relhax V1 application, it will upgrade associated files and folders to the new V2 structure. *This process is irreversible!!*

—Download here:

We hope you enjoy the new application and help us with debugging!


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