[Q] It’s called RelHAX, there must be hacks/cheats etc!
[A] I can assure you that is not the case. All mods here are legal and allowed. You will NOT get banned by using these mods.

[Q] Why is there such a difference in install times?
[A] While the major installers are single-threaded (as far as I can tell), mine is not. What does that mean? Looking at mod zip extraction, for example, when a file is extracted, it is reported to the GUI in a synchronous manner. This means that the modpack can only extract as fast as it can pump events to the GUI for each entry extracted in a zip file. This is where multi-threading come in. You can create a separate thread and have it only extract, and asynchronously report the progress to the GUI. This means three things:

–  The GUI is not laggy during install
–  The install is not frozen when the ui thread is blocked, like moving the window for example
–  The extraction is limited to your hard drive speed, not the processor GUI reporting speed.

[Q] I have a perfect selection of mods that I want. Can I save this selection?
[A] Yes. Press the save config button. It will save your config file whereever you tell it to save it. I recommend you save it in the default folder.

[Q] Do I have to install my personal mods/configs myself after this is done?
[A] No. You can put your mods in the “RelHaxUserMods” folder, and the installer will add them to the “User Mods” tab of the mod selection window. You can install them just like they were regular mods. You can even use it to patch files with the installer’s patching system, and install fonts.

[Q] How can I use the “auto-install” option?
[A] You need to create a shortcut to the application. Right click it, properties. In the target textbox, append “/auto-install config_file.xml”, where:
“auto-install “(<–note the space, required!) is the command
“config_file.xml” is the filename of your saved config preference file you made from the mod selection window. The config MUST be in the folder “RelHaxUserConfigs” for this feature to work!

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