1 Year Anniversary Event

In celebration of 1 year of Relhax, we hosting a special giveaway event! All you need to do is complete a 30 second survey, and you are entered for a chance to win!

In order to enter, you need to sign in with your google account. To be entered for the gold giveaway, you need to provide your in-game name and region. There will be a total of 5 winners across both servers. PLEASE NOTE that we can only give gold to the NA and EU servers.

Additionally, we are offering 3 spots in our developer selection window (when you press “load selection”). To be considered for this, you need to write a description about your mods setup, as well as provide a screenshot.

The duration of the contest is from March 22nd to April 19th.

The current amounts are as follows:

1st place: 5000 gold

2ed place: 3000 gold

3rd place: 2000 gold

4th and 5th place: 1000 gold

Here is the survey link: https://tinyurl.com/RelhaxSurvey2018

OR, if you would rather have the direct link:


Good luck, and thank you!!


~The Relhax Modpack Team






Additional information about contest drawing method:

Gold and developer selections will be drawn individually. We will first filter for those submissions that fulfill requirements for gold entry. 5 will be selected at random.

We will then filter selections for those submissions that fulfill requirements for developer selection entry. 3 will be selected at random.


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